La Reserve Deux, Torino, Italy

One of the best feelings of being a serial barcrawler is when you enter into a bar without any particular expectation and you slowly realise that that bar is a gem. The welcome you get from the bartender, the lights, the music, the athmosphere, the accpmpanying food, and of course the drinks. Even better, when the bar is almost empty and you feel you have a professional and smiling guy at your service, to mix spirits but also to discover the story and the magic of the place. This is what happened to me at the La Reserve Deux, a quiet and relaxed cocktail bar in Torino, where I was velcomed and pampered by Vittorio, who mixed a fantastic martini and a few more things. The place is open from Wednesday to Saturday and seems to bet busy in the weekend, so to get that relaxed feeling I suggest you visit the place on Wednesday or Thursday. Finally, a big thanks to Vittorio for his chats, advices and liquid friendship. Classic Martini rate: 8.

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