Cellar Bar of the American Colony Hotel, Jerusalem

The American Colony Hotel is one of the best (and most expensive) hotels of Jerusalem, housed in a quiet and marvellouse old house with a fantastic garden and a unique colonial athmosphere. Apparently, the hotel has hosted serious drinkers such as Lawrence of Arabia, Winston Churchill and Bob Dylan, among others, and has therefore a few very good bars, including the one in its cellar, which used to be the kitchen of an Ottoman palace. The cellar bar is filled with businessmen, diplomats and expats, still the athmosphere is very relaxed and cosy, probably due to the comfortable sofas and cushions and to the very professional and friendly waiters who will make you feel at home. The cocktails list is what you expect from such a place, including the prices (one of the most expensive martinis of my life…). I had a dry martini (deserved after a long walk in the city), and I have to say it was not as good as I would have expected (not cold enough and most probably shaken), but still more than acceptable. All in all, in a city with plenty of cocktail bars, this one is quite unique and deserves a visit. Classic Martini rate: 6.

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