Foscolo Bar, Matino

A Martini in Matino is a Matini?

Foscolo is a cocktail bar and a restaurant in Matino, a beautiful tiny village in Salento, Puglia, Italy. If you don’t know what Salento is, that is one of the greatest spots in Italy (tip: avoid going in August) with plenty of old villages, great seaside, and all the rest you can expect from a paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean. What Salento does not generally have – yes, nobody is perfect – is a serious cocktail culture (just to be clear, it is one of these places with bars where if you order a Martini you risk to get a glass of sweet white vermouth). That is why Foscolo was a very good surprise. Let alone the restaurant on the rooftop of an old house from where you can see a couple of old churches while eating very well in the summer wind, the cocktail bar is a small gem. Lost among very tiny pedestrian streets with the outside tables literally in the street, it has a good choice of spirits, home made ingredients and enough creativity to make up your evening. Classic Martini rate: 7,5.

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