Bar Boheme Mixology, Catania

Ice cube engraved with the bar logo

The Bar Boheme has no cocktail menu, by choice. A very smart and cocktail-educated waiter starts by asking about your tastes and preferences, and designs the cocktail on the spot with you. And the result is simply perfect! On the classics side, things are equally good: I dared to order a Martini with 35°, which obviously was not cold enough (my fault) but very well balanced. The bar has a very nice terrace in central no-car zone in Catania, where you’ll sit on old armchairs amid exotic plants. And finally, for the ones who enjoy details, the ice cube in my Negroni was engraved with the bar logo, a hipster pug. Congrats to Salvo and Bruno, bar masters, for having put together such a confortably classy place. Classic Martini rate: 7.

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