Terraço Itália, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Want to feel like the rich Italian fazenderos who created the fortune of Sao Paulo with their coffee business in the 50s, and in the meantime have a glance at the city skyline? Then go to Terraço Itália, the terrace bar (& restaurant) on top of the Edificio Italia in downtown Sao Paulo. The place is  expensive and you’ll have to pay an entrance ticket of 15 US, but the martini is good, the view is unforgettable, and the place is definitely classy-retro. You can easily spend an hour just looking at the amazing buildings around you (from there the city seems endless) and at the many helicopters flying around you. The choice of gins is limited, but the bartender will be very happy to embarque in a long discussion on drinking culture of Sao Paulo, filled with anecdotes on important people and their drinking habits. Two tips: avoid the restaurant, everybody says it is not worth the price, and remember to visit the balcony on the restaurant side (you’ll have to ask for this) to see the amazing Copan building by Oscar Niemeyer. Classic martini rate: 7/10.

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