Skye Bar, Sao Paulo, Brazil

On top of the Unique hotel, one of the best hotels in Brazil and for sure one of the hotels with the craziest architectures in the world, the Skye Bar deserves a visit for the 360 view on the city and for the poshy but still relaxed atmosphere. On weekends you might have to cue to reach the very large terrace on the 30th floor of ones of the hippiest places in town, where you can sit on the side of a pool in a very modern (and noisy) environment, and look at the trendy paulistanos sipping their drinks. Even if they have a martins list, including an interesting wasabi martini, drinks are not the best you can get in town, but still the bar deserves a visit to feel on top of a the Sao Paulo vibe. The Wall Bar in the hotel lobby is also impressive, with the tallest wall of bottles behind the bar in the world, I guess. Classic martini rate: 6/10.

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