Ubeda Gin&Tapas, Barcelona, Spain

The Ubeda is another bar inBarcelona which takes gintonics very seriously. Unfortunately, they don’t do martinis, so why is the bar in this blog? Well, we have some reasons for this. First, the Ubeda, opened in 2006, is possibly the first specialised gintonic bar which opened in town and in Spain. Second, it is a place where gin, traditional food and art mix well together: food is impressive (chistorra of Navarra, cold cuts, farmhouse cheeses and more), and the place is unique (the owner Javier Ubeda is an artist who has designed every single piece of the bar). Third, in Barcelona three Ubedas exist (we visited the one in Corcega), so that you can easily get your gintonic wherever toy are in town. Fourth, as said, they take gintonic very seriously, and they have produced a nice set of tools to produce the perfect drink. Fifth and more important: tis place tells the story of a man who produces his own gin (for sale in the bar, together with some other 30 brands) and who puts love, passion and temptation (sic) in getting you what has been rated as the best gintonic in town in 2010. Enough?

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