Bobby Gin, Barcelona, Spain

The “gin wave” that has submerged Spain is difficult to explain (we might devote an article to this soon…), but it has its own benefits. For example, in Barcelona you can find a few bars which are devoted – I mean religiously devoted – to the spirit of our heart. Of all these, the Bobby Gin in the Gracia area is probably the one which does it better. The Bobby Gin is a temple of ginebra, where you can taste some 60 gin brands, perfectly mixed in an impressive number of gintonics with creative addings (from canela to pomegranate), and choosing – of course – your ideal tonic. Once you are in the bar, words like citric, herbal or vintage become part of you vocabulary, and if you feel like trying something unique, you can go for the ginfonks, which are super gintonics where the gin has been treated (ahumado, macerado, anejado…) before getting to the glass. Sounds complicate? Don’t worry, Alberto Pizarro, the man behind the bar, is as good in mixing (for sure one of the best bartenders in the country) as in explaining the secrets of the gin realm. One of the best gin experiences on the planet. Classic Martini Rate: 9.

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