MyNY, Sao Paulo, Brazil

MyNyThe MyNY bar, as the name says, wants to be piece of the big apple in Sao Paulo, and – believe it or not – it simply makes it. The classic but funky atmosphere, the jazzy music and especially the choice of drinks makes you believe you entered a spatial door which brings to the Greenwich Village, but with a bit of “jeito brasileiro”. The main reason to visit the bar is Marcelo Serrano, winner of the best bartender title of the city of Sao Paulo for a few years. Marcelo is extremely professional and at the same time very creative: try is Hendricks-based Lafayette cocktail, or just order a martini and enjoy the old style way of stirring the drink by gently pouring it from one glass to the other and viceversa. You can also get an aged Negroni, which is kept in some barriques on the side of the bar. Classic martini rate: 8/10.

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