Bar Brahma, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Alguma coisa acontece no meu coração. Que só quando cruza a Ipiranga e a avenida São João…”. Caetano Veloso names the corner of Ipiranga and San Joao, downtown Sao Paulo, in one of his marvellous songs, and in this vey corner you will find one of the most lively, musical, and enjoyable bars you can imagine. The Brahma is a piece of history of Brazil: fantastic live music every night (samba, forrò, etc..), great atmosphere and very good drinks. Ok, this is not a “cocktail bar” in the strict sense, but who cares? By the way, if you get tired of the big main room, you cal climb up to the Brahminho, a smaller and more intimate room with quiter but alway perfect live music. Unmissable. Classic Martini rate: 7/10.

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