Rooftop Bar, Anemon Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is full of bars of any kind, from the popular tavern with raki and mezè, to the London-style club to the classy cocktail bar. But a few are so unique as the rooftop bar at the Anemon Hotel. Finding the place is easy, just head for the Galata Tower, a landmark in the city, and jump in the elevator of the hotel that is literally attached to the tower. The view is impressive: the whole city is at your feet and the Golden Horn and the Bosporus are right in front of you. And right above you, the wall of the Galata tower. The place is romantic and a bit vintage, the cocktails are not super, but the bartender will be happy to do everything they can to make you happy, including replacing your Martini if it is not dry enough and drink themselves the first one! Well, all in all the experience is pretty good. Classic Martini Rate: 5/10.

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