Gin Fizz, Bilbao

Confirming the fact that you do not have to search for the best bar since the best bar will find you, the Gin Fizz cocktail bar is exactly in front of the apartment that I rented for a few days this summer in Bilbao. According to local cocktail drinkers I have checked with, this is one of the top cocktail places in town, and my experience is fully supporting this. The place is small and cosy, mixing a family feeling with an international flavour, that simply makes you feel good.

Fancy a fizz?

After a Martini with a premium Sipsmith (that is the house gin…) – which was simpley perfect – I tried a Gin Fizz, a drink that I admit I never go for. Mistake: when properly mixed, that is fantastic, especially in a hot summer evening. And above all, I enjoyed the chat with a very knowleageable bartender from Italy, another coincidence…. All in all, if you happen to be in Bilbao, you know where to go. Classic Martini Rate: 8.

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