Zuta Bar, Jerusalem

Admittedly one of the best cocktail bars in Jerusalem, the Zuta was a great discovery, for its very relaxed athmosphere combined with a very high quality of food (the bar is annexed to a restaurant that seems veery good), drinks and service. We sat at the bar and had the time to chat with bartender Dan, inventor with his colleagues of a very interesting list of signature drinks (all based on local and seasonal ingredients), but also very skilled in mixing some classics (we tested him on a Negroni, a White Lady and a Martini, all extremely good).

This is the first kosher cocktail bar I visited: similarly to what happens with food, here all ingredients that are used for your drinks must be fully kosher, meaning that spirits with no clear ingredients cannot be used. Because of this, and also out of their passion, the bartendering team produce most of their bitter and other side ingredients. At the Zuta, I also doscovered the habit of Dan to put a dash of saline solution in his Martinis, to let the gin botanicals express at their best. I tried this at home and it actually works!!

All in all, the Zuta gets a Classic Martini rate of 8,5, good job guys!

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