Harry’s Bar, Florence, Italy

Back in 1952, the famous bartender Giuseppe Cipriani, creator of the Harry’s Bar in Venice, convinced his friend Enrico Mariotti  to use the name “Harry’s Bar” also for his new bar in Florence. Since then, the bar is the realm of Leo Valdorini, probably the only bartender who was honoured with the Key of the City of San Francisco, and since then the bar has made happy celebrities like Burt Lancaster, Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor.

The place is along the Arno river and is exactly as in 1952: cosy, woody, classy. Drinks are top quality, and are accompanied by hot snacks coming out of the kitchen continuously. The uniqueness of the place is that Martini are served in small shot-like glasses, totally frozen and extremely dry. Probably because of this, the feeling is that you cold go on forever sipping the drink, getting happier and happier. Feel free to do that: after the aperitivo, the restaurant is there to make you even happier. Classic martini rate: 7/10.

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