XIX Bar, Barcelona, Spain

Known as the best gin&tonic cocktail bar in Barcelona, the XIX Bar (also known as the Diecinueve Bar, as the name spells in Latin numbers) is an unmissable spot in the city. The choice of Gins is extraordinary (I counted more than 40!), that can be combined with four different tonics, to be served in beautiful big glasses. The bar crew and the owner Mike are there to welcome you and to guide you in a journey along the many possible declinations of the cocktail. Choose grapefuit, lime, cucumber, strawberry, cinnamon, and there you go. The bar is small, normally full of cheerful Catalans – not a lot of tourists – and you can allow yourself a sigarette if you wish. The Martini cocktail of the house is not the best you can get, but you can make up your own and try some very bizzarre gins in it. Classic Martini rate: 8/10.

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