Boadas Cocktail Bar, Barcelona, Spain

The Boadas is a legendary place. It is said to be the oldest cocktail bar in Spain, and the place where Hemingway used to drink his mojitos when in the Catalan capital. Legends apart, the story is the following: the founder of this bar, Miguel Boadas, established it in 1933, bringing to Europe his bartendering experience from the famous Florodita in La Havana, Cuba. The Boadas family still runs the place, with Martia Dolores Boadas still around and active behind the bar. The place is a small and untouched gem a few meters from the crowded an crazy Ramblas, with a wonderful 1900 atmosphere (that is why the place has no website probably) and with top-class bartenders. The only negative thing is that they prepare your Martini in a spectacular but somehow too  “violent” way. But, all in all, it is unmissable. Classic Martini Rate: 7/10.

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