The Laughing Buddha Bar, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Ubud, the wonderful cultural heart of Bali, has many extremely nice bars and restaurants, many of  which serving Martinis, but to be fair the Bali bartenders tend to mistreat our cocktail:  they love to shake and shake and shake, and they often add some Dry Martini at the end  of the preparation… After trying many – all? – possible bars in town, the recommended one is the Laughing Buddha Bar: a spot with very nice atmosphere, good asian and fusion food, and with live music a couple of times per week. Some tips: 1) the place shares the website with the Jazz Cafè, but this bar is better, 2) try to be there for the acoustic jam night: the band is amazing, 3) try the Arak cocktail, made with the local Balinese half-illegal palm tree spirit. Classic Martini Rate: 6.

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