White Moon Bar, Manila, Philippines

Finding a good bar and – even more – a good Martini in Manila is a hard job, but somebody has to do it.  After a number of attempts, including a bar run only by dwarf (if you do not believe me check this out), I got to the White Moon Bar, placed in the Ocean Park building. The setting is pretty good: the bar is placed on a marvellous terrace looking at the Manila Bay. Confortable sofas, friendly staff, poshy but relaxed groove are the plus. Loud and cheesy is the minus. The Martini list is short but with personality, try the litchi Martini. Final comment: it might not be the best bar in the world, but for sure is the best in town. Classic Martini rate: 6/10.

One Reply to “White Moon Bar, Manila, Philippines”

  1. It’s true, I confirm, I’ve been there, and I had a lychee Martini: fresh lychee one, which I highly value. For sunset, you better go during the dry season; if it’s damp, you better enjoy it late evening, when it cools down a bit.

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