Casa Mago, Torino, Italy

casa-cocktailCasa Mago, the cocktail lounge of the Michelin-starred Mago Rabin restaurant in Torino, is simply one of the best cocktail spots in town. The place is small and cozily elegant, with a few confortable tables and a great atmosphere. The cocktail menu, inspired by the concept of Origami (that you can actually create by using some origami paper provided with the menu), is creative and innovative, with a few own creations that get the inspiration from either exotic places (Peru, with pisco, and Mexico, with Tequila) or from classic cocktails such as the martini or the americano. Classic cocktails quality is outstanding, and the bartenders are welcoming and take time to explain you what you are drinking. Cherry on the cake: you can accompany your drinks with some “tapas”, created by the Michelin-starred chef of the restaurant next door Marcello Trentini, for a very reasonable price. Classic martini rate: 8 (it would have been a 9, but they serve the cocktail in metal martini glasses, that I don’t really like).

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