Slippbarinn, Reykjavik, Iceland

slippbarinn.0.0.0When searching for a Martini bar in the northern capital of the world, a place where you can get booze only in special liquor stores, I opted for what seems to be the oldest cocktail bar in town (which actually is not even 10 years old…). The Slippbarinn is located on the ground floor of the very cool Hotel Marina on the  Reykjavik Old Harbour but does not look like a hotel bar (actually the hotel Marina does not look like a hotel either). The place is very informal and enjoyable, the bartenders are smart and creative, and the cocktail list is quite original. Cocktail prices are quite high, as everywhere in Iceland, but the happy hour lasts from 3 to 6 with half price drinks. My martini was far from perfect, but the other cocktails I tried were pretty good, so I might simply have to go back and try another. (Classic Martini rate: 6/10)

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