Macondo, Bologna, Italy

A cocktail bar in Via del Pratello, the students’ area in the city with the olderst university in the western world, where beer and wine is normally what you get (and not of the best quality)? Well, yes. The Macondo was a susprise for me too, a bologna former resident (with some experience of the Pratello). You understand where you are from the moment you walk in: the bottlery is abundant and variated, the bartenders are knowledgable and really in love with their job, and the athmosphere is that of a small students’ live music club, equipped with a top cocktail bar. You can chose from number of signature cocktails, mostly around the theme of the Americano, and – believe me – they all deserve a sip! The bartenders can discuss for hours theiur bitters collection (there is a world beyind Campari, in Itay too!) and their plans is making of Bologna a real cocktail city, good job guys. The classic martini they poured for me was just geat, by the way.

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