1862 Dry Bar, Madrid, Spain


Chueca, the hip barrio in Madrid, is full of bars, still it is not that easy to get a really good cocktail or two (we leave to others the debate on how the recent cocktail hype in Spain has not really raised the average quality of drinks in the country). But, some really good bars do exist, and the 1862 Dry Bar is our favorite. A small, classic bar with just a few seats – you can get more in the basement – and a great atmosphere. The cocktail menu has all the classic stuff (and every cocktail is made with great attention to details), plus some original drinks from the bar, most of which are great discoveries. The crew at the bar is really nice and ready to advise on what to try, and you won’t leave the place without having sipped at least a couple of drinks, I can assure you. Classic Martini rate: 8.

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