Subastor, Sao Paulo, Brazil

subastorLet’s put it simply: this is the best cocktail bar among the dozens of bars in Vila Madalena in Sao Paulo (I am ready to be challenged on this). This is how to do it: enter the Astor Bar, a classy bar with nice food and cocktails (including a well-done Martini list) where you can meet high-society paulistanos having their drinks (most of them will have their own bottle behind the bar), get a drink and some food, and then climb down to the Subastor. Here you’ll enter in a tiny red underground room with a long bar, good music, a few tables and some great bartenders (including a smiling Italian guy), good music and a great cocktails menu (voted the best drinks list in Sao Paulo a couple of times in the last years). Classic cocktails share the list with very creative ones, all served fast and in an extremely professional manner, with hand-chopped ice and all the rest. I bet you won’t leave before having tried two or three cocktails, which will make you happy despite the price, which is a bit high for the Sao Paulo standards, but totally worth. Classic Martini rate: 9.

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