Scarlet, Barbados

scarlet Barbados is not a place where you’ll find many cocktail bars, unless you want to end up in a 5 stars hotel sipping a rum punch (which is very good by the way). Still, a small gem is hidden on the island: the Scarlet bar. You’ll have to look for a totally scarlet wooden house on the west coast close to Holetown (not on the beach unfortunately), and when you get in you’ll find yourself in a fancy small place with a few Marylyn and Jackie Kennedy pictures on the walls, a long and well-equipped bar, no windows and a sort of New York atmosphere. Food is simply great, with many local dishes creatively revisited, and cocktails are pretty good as well. You’ll get your martini in an steel glass with lemon twist and made with Tanquerey, and you won’t miss the beach breeze for a moment, I can assure.  Final tip: do not miss the small collection of original photographies in the back room. Classic martini rate: 7.

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