Bar Baixa, Porto, Portugal

Finding a good bar in Porto is not hard, the city on the Douro being very lively until late night. Nevertheless, to get a good cocktail in on of these bars where you have the feeling that you might never leave can take some investigations. Well, I found one: the Bar Baixa, in the Galeria de Paris street. The place looks old and classic (in fact it is there since  three years only!) with a bit of modern groove, and in the night it gets animated with good music, especially in the second room (where smoking is allowed, by the way). An extremely professional lady will mix your choice behind the bar, and – even if the martini comes shaken and with definitely too much lemon – you are allowed to negotiating the way you prefer it. All in all, a good spot both for pre-dinner and for the long nights in Porto. Classic Martini Rate: 6/10.

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