Ground Zero Blues Club, Clarksdale, US

Clarksdale, a small and sleepy village along Route 61, is the “ground zero” place of the Delta blues, the place where Muddy Waters played his first chords, and the place where Mr Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil. Do you need something more to be convinced to pass by? Yes, a good bar. Well, the Ground Zero Blues Club is what you need. The bar, owned by Morgan Freeman, is hosted in a rather old building in whet they call “downtown”, and before opening the dore you are not sure what you’ll find in there. But then, you’ll enter into a great bar with everything (I mean everything from the floor to the ceiling) written, signed or drawn by the customers. Great southern food, fantastic local blues gigs, and friendly staff complete the picture. Get a Martini, even if it’s not on the menu, and don’t forget to leave your signature somewhere! Classic Martini rate: 6/10.

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