Rooftop Bar “La Rinascente”, Milano, Italy

On the seventh floor of the Rinascente classic mall in Milano, from the terrace of this bar you get a unique view of the Duomo, feeling you could touch it. The ambience if chic and relaxed, the Martinis are pretty good, and can be followed by a good lunch on the terrace, by some sushi in the inside suchi bar, or by some drops of champagne in the pearl white champagne bar. All in all, this is probably one of the most impressive rooftop bars on earth. Classic Martini rate: 7/10.

One Reply to “Rooftop Bar “La Rinascente”, Milano, Italy”

  1. Thanks for stopping by my martini site THE MARTINI DIVA™ – and a tip of my martini glass for listing me on your blogroll. I shall be returning the favor shortly!

    This is a great blog idea and I shall be following closely for tips when I travel!

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