Dolce & Gabbana Martini Bar, Milan, Italy

Born out of a joint venture between D&G and Martini and in the hearth of the fashion district in the centre of Milan, the D&G Martini Bar is a must for Martini fans visiting Italy. The place is wonderful, with a huge glass chandelier in the middle of the room (if you try to take a picture of it, the white

livery waiters will tell you that it is forbidden since it is a unique piece…) and nice tables and sofas around. The drinks quality is very good, as well as the innovative and creative Martinis list.

The Bar Manager: “We make the Martini classic exactly as the Duke’s and I remember that also the Savoy bar in London used the same technique… personally I believe is the best way to do it. Our cocktail list is still improving and developing with creativity and taste, but (we believe) well balanced, between new creations and immortal classics.” Perfect!

Classic Martini rate: 8/10.

5 Replies to “Dolce & Gabbana Martini Bar, Milan, Italy”

    1. Hello,
      the bar will be closed from the 8 to the 22 August.
      If you can make it, it is worth a visit and a drink!

  1. ειμαι απο ελλαδα,ερχομαι συχνα Μιλανο ,και της 5 φορες που εχω ερθει εχω επισκεφθει το martini bar και ειμαι ενθουσιασμενος απο τον χωρο και απο το service! Hδη το εχω προτεινει και το εχουν επισκεφθει πολλοι γνωστοι μου!

    I am from GREECE, I come often to Milan, I’ve visited the martini 5 times bar and I’m excited by the space and service! I have proposed it to several acquaintances of mine!

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