Amnesya Cafè, Verona, Italy

 Common sense suggests that in Verona, as in most of Veneto, what you get in a bar is only Spritz and vino bianco. But common sense is there to be challenged, as a drink at the Amnesya Cafe will prove. This bar, in the very centre of Verona a few steps from the wonderful Piazza delle Erbe, is a small gem, where creativity and quality of cocktail coexist with a cosy and not-pretentious atmosphere, with very affordable prices. Bartenders Luca and Marco will propose to you delicacies such as the smoked martini, the molecular (yes, molecular!) cardinale or the tobacco-flavored martini, and believe me: each one of these deserves a good sip. Food is available (you’ll need some after a couple of these drinks!) and the crowd is relaxed and friendly. All in all, a few drinks at the Amnesya are an experience not to be missed! Classic Martini rate: 8.

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